Aq Dagh, colorful spring

Aq Dagh, Colorful spring of Khalkhal

Ardabil province has many beautiful and tourist attractions.
One of these tourist attractions is Aq Dagh in Khalkhal city It is known as the paradise with thousand colors.
Agh Dagh is located at an altitude of 3300 meters above sea level and at the end of the central Alborz mountain range.
Agh Dagh or Sefid Kuh mountain is the second highest peak in Ardabil province after Sabalan.
This beautiful and attractive mountain in the southeast of the lush and scenic city of Khalkhal.

The distance between Agh Dagh and Ardabil province is 140.7 km and that of Khalkhal is 35 km

The best access route to this area is Khalkhal to Hashtjin road, which is only 5 km away.
The fall of the peak of Aq Dagh has shown a combination of autumn and winter at a glance


Aq Dagh, colorful spring
Aq Dagh is habitat

Aq Dagh has a large mountain ecosystem.
Existence of many natural features has made this area a habitat for animals.
Many animals live in this area, including Leopard,goat, Persian goatherd deer, Types of otters, porcupine, badger,Caracal,wolf,fox, Weasel,hog, Jackal,forest cat and rabbit.
Also birds such as Rollers,European-bee eater,bearded vulture,eqypation vulture,bunting,types of wagtails,common blackbird,lark,Eurasian eagle-owl,owl,steppe eagle,golden eagle,common buzzard,evrasiam sparrowhawk,falcon have multiplied charm of this region.

Aq Dagh is habitat

A mountain covered with snow

Due to the high altitude of the Aq Dagh and Sabalan is snowing there earlier than other parts of the province in autumn
We will see the villages of Sousab, Marjin and Aq Su which are located downstream of Aq Dagh peak.

The villages in this area have given a unique beauty to this area
Moving In the foothills of Mount Aq Dagh and passing through rural routes, it gives a special comfort to passers and travelers

A mountain covered with snow
Aq Dagh mountain vegetation

Walking in the heights of the villages of Soushab, Marjin and Aq Susizbayi, the unique views of this peak will be seen.
The growth of juniper shrubs and other species at lower elevations are Another beauties of this region.

Aq Dagh mountain vegetation


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