Dorna Residence In Meshginshahr

Where Is Dorna Residence(Malek Suei)?

If you would like to go pristine and beautiful nature we suggest to you Dorna residence which located in mountainous area.
Its architecture is  combination of traditional and Modern and it is built with stony metal.
Dorna residence  is in the hillside of Sabalan.


You can go to Dorna residence by road of Qaynarjah and Moeel hot spring that it is a highland and spiral road.
There are different place to camping such as tribal tents, wooden huts and also clean rooms.
Hiking, walking the valley,climbing to Sabalan,horse riding,lawn sking,meet the Shahsavan Nomads are activities that you can do there in summer.
Also winter activities are collect garbage,plant tree and feeding the animals.



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