Fandoqloo Forest

Fandoqloo Forest

Fandoqloo forest

Fandoqloo forest is located in Ardebil highlands and the western most part of the Hyrcanian forests near the Heiran valley and in the southern part of Namin city.
This forest named Fndoqloo(Fandoqloo in Persian means hazelnut) because most of the area of this jungle has hazelnut trees
Fandoqloo forest is the largest place to grow hazelnut in the country and its about 25 hectares also this forest has chamomile flowers ,different fruit trees and type of wild hazelnut trees
Fandogloo is part of the eastern forests of Ardebil also it is the trail of subtropical Gilan forests.
This area has hazelnut , hornbeam ,beech ,oak and willow trees and various kind of herbaceous such as western bloom,raspberries,Khas,primerose,chamomile,ferns,Gildig,wild violet,cattle,flowers are many there.
Hotwaters,telecabin, lawn ski resort are features of Fandoqloo forest that everybody like to do them.
Fandoqloo has fruit trees such as wildapple tree ,raspberries tree ,Azgil tree ,strawberry and dropelet trees.

Chamomile flowers festival

Every year coinciding with flower and plant day (on14,15 june) there will be a chamomile flowers festival.
Many foreign and domestic tourists travel to this forest to watching the hundreds of acres of chamomile.
Chamomile more grows in farms , plains ,gardens and Fandoqloo forest(‘IN NAMIN)
It is a one year old aromatic plant with 20 to 40 cm long.

Ski resort of Fandoqloo forest

Fandoqloo forest alluring many tourists because it has unique attractions.
One of the popular area of this forest is ski resort
There has international standards tournaments are held there.
Fandoqloo is one of the most popular tourism region because it has ski resort, telecabin ,Mesha soui hot water,plains covered with the world’s rarest flowers,tasty functions and boarding resideces.

This forest has enough facilities to camping if would you like to camping you should taking thick clothing and additional Blanket.
The best season to travel to Fandoqloo forest is summer.
In summer we usually like to go a pleasing place so we can travel to Fandogloo.
You should know before traveling to Fandogloo check the weather because there can be as hot as another hottest place.
Spring and late of the summer are the best season to travel to this forest.
In winter the weather of it is foggy and cold and height of there has snow.
Animals like rabbits,deer ,fox ,wild pig ,pheasant , chevy and hoopoe live in Fandogloo.
One of the spas is in Fandoloo that called Mesha suei

Mesha soui means forest spa.

Many tourist like to travel to the Mesha suei because this spa has therapeutic nature and it is good for backache and feet pain.

Soha lake

Soha lake is one of the spectacular place of Ardebil and it is close to Namin and Fandoqloo.
Around of lake covered with grass and it is so pleasing
You can go to this lush area for mountaineering ,biking, photography and sightseeing.

How can we go to the Fandoqloo forest

Fandoqloo forest is in Namin,distance of it from Ardebil is about 25 km.
There are another route to go here but the best way is the crossroad of Ardebil to astara in closeby Namin.
You can see Fandoqloo forest signboard in road of Ardebil to Astara before arrive to Namin.
Also is another way to go to this forest it is in Heyran pass from road of Ardebil to Tehran that it is cross inside of Gilan village.

Huzelnuts of Fandoqloo

Fandogloo has a lot of hazelnut and aquarter of this forest has wild hazelnut trees.
In recently this forest being destroyed because of agrieulture, Grazing livestock, fire and felling trees.

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