Meshginshahr suspension bridge

Meshginshahr suspension bridge

Meshginshahr Suspension bridge is the longest bridge in the Middle East

Ardebil is a mountainous city and has many spectacular locations which one of these spectacular areas is Meshginshahr.

Every year Millions of tourists come to visit this area.

One of the famous attractions of Meshginshahr is the suspension bridge which is registered as the largest suspension bridge in the Middle East.

It is at an altitude of 80m surface of Earth and its length is 365 meters as the days of the year.

Meshkinshahr  Suspension Bridge is part of the  Khiav ta Girdoli  tourist complex.

and built on a land of 130 hectares at a cost of over 400 billion Rials.

Meshginshahr Suspended Bridge

Meshginshahr Suspension Bridge on the hillside of Sabalan

The suspension bridge is built in a mountainous area that passes on the lush valleys.

One section of the path is designed as glass flooring to see the beautiful scenery beneath your feet.

Meshginshahr suspension bridge was located on the khiave chayi river.

You can hear the gurgle of the river and the delightful song of the birds in this area  when you cross the bridge.

Meshginshahr Suspended Bridge

The best visit Times:

The best seasons to visit this beautiful area are the spring and summer, because in these seasons, the weather  is pleasant and cool.

Recreational attraction  in Meshgin area:

Meshginshahr Suspended Bridge

The attractions of this region are not limited to bridge and pleasant weather , there are other recreational amenities like paragliding, horse riding and zip line

.You can also experience a pleasant summer outing by swimming in the numerous hot springs of this region.

Meshginshahr Suspended Bridge

Facilities around of the Meshginshahr Suspension Bridge:

On the other side of this region, a beautiful forest park has been built with many facilities that you can go there for outing  and rest.

Reception halls, Rotating restaurant , Handicraft Markets, Amusement Park

Sports facilities such as air sports ,cycling and other recreational amenities.

All of them are gathered in a tourist complex  called  Khiyavtagirduli and also known as Noor-e Sabalan.

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