Sheikh Safi Al-Din Ardebili Shrine

Sheikh Safi Al-Din Ardebili Shrine

The Sheikh Safi Al-Din Ardebili Shrine

The mausoleum of Sheikh Safi al-Din is one of the historical and ancient sites of the Ardebil.

This complex was a large garden called Spheres about 700 years ago.

Sheikh Safi taught his disciples in a part of the garden .and when Sheikh Safi was alive, this place was considered as a Khanegah(hospice).

After his death his son ( Sadr al-Din Musa) built a tomb in 1335 and called Allah Allah.

Then, during government of the Safavid kings, additional parts were added to the previous collection.

this historical place is one of the  remnant that was  registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In addition the Sheikh Safi Al-din Ardebili Shrine, there are tombs of Shah Ismail I (first Safavid king) and Shah Ismail’s mother (daughter of Ozone Hassan Aq quyonlo).

This holy place is divided into different parts such as:

Chinikhane,mosque,Janatsara,Khaneqah,Chellekhane(a praying room),Shahidghah(the burial ground of the martyrs) and Cheraghkhaneh(house of lighting).

Sheikh Safi Al-Din Ardebili Shrine

Different sections of Sheikh Safi al-din Tomb Collection:

  1. Large balcony facing the Qiblah of Dar ol-Hadith:It is one of the Effects of Shah Ismail I era and it is located on east and west sides of the Tombs of Sufi patriarchs and grandchildren.
  2. Naghareh khaneh:Under the roof of the Naqarekhaneh is the Saqakhaneh and its behind is the bathroom
  3. Chelehkhaneh: it’s knowing as old Chelekhane and usually Sheikh Safi al-Din sit there.
  4. Sharbat khaneh:It included a pool and a place to bake sweets
  5. Daftarkhaneh:Including the atrium and the house, and the area between the Hozchekhaneh and the Sharbatkhane.
  6. A cell in the grave of Sheikh Safiuddin That was the tomb of the elders
  7. The Shrine of Shah Ismail’s mother (Ozon Hassan’s daughter)
  8. Khoonchehkhaneh with lower and upper chamber
  9. Saffe: tomb of the  some emirs
  10. Tomb of the Martyrs in the north of the Dar-olhadith dome
  11. The tomb of the princes next to the Dar al-Khafz
  12. Himekhane and the land around it
  13. Sheikh Sadr al-Din Musa’s seat
  14. cells that were more than forty
  15. A porch facing the Dar al-Hadith
  16. Qandilkhaneh
  17. librarySheikh Safi Al-Din Ardebili Shrine
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