Souvenirs OF Ardebil

Souvenirs OF Ardebil

Introducing Souvenirs OF Ardebil

Most of Ardebil souvenirs are delicious Edible. One of these edibles is honey.
The most delicious edibles of Ardabil:

Honey of Sabalan

Ardabil province and Sabalan region are the most important regions for honey production and distribution throughout the country.
Honey of Ardebil is very tasty and high quality due to Existence of Pooneh plains, Coriander, thorn, Thyme and Acacia.
Honey of Ardebil is available in different flavors such as thyme and thorn honey and Coriander honey
Each of these honeys has a specific medicinal property
For example Coriander honey is appetizing and tonic aslo it is useful for infectious diseases.

Honey of SabalanSunflower seed

Sunflower seeds are one of the delicious souvenirs of Ardabil.
Sunflower grows in many parts of Ardabil, West Azerbaijan and Kermanshah.
This edible is rich in vitamins and essential mineral of body like Vitamins E and B,Ferrodin, Potassium and magnesium that can relieve muscle cramps and arthritis.

Sunflower seed


Baklava is one of the delicious Iranian sweets That in each city prepared matching the tastes of people of that city.
Baklava of Ardebil has its own method of preparation. Milk, eggs, walnuts and pistachio powder are used in its preparation.

Halva Siyah)Black Halvah)

Ardabil has a variety of local halvahs, including Black Halva, white halvah, and ginger halvah.
Black halva or Qara Halva is one of the old edibles of Ardabil and it has been cooked for more than a century.
Wheat germ is used to cook this halva and butter, walnuts and sesame are added to it when cooking.
The dark color of this halva is due to the grape juice that used in it.
White halva or Agh Halva is another old local halva that is more popular in Khalkhal.
Rice flour is the main ingredient in white halva.

Black Halva
Top of the milk(Cream) and butter

Cream and butter are one of the dairy products that are made with about 60% fat.
This edible is very useful and delicious and It is usually eaten with honey for breakfast

Top of the milk(Cream) and butter
Rasteh Chocolate

Raste chocolate is one of the most delicious local chocolates in Ardabil, which is used cocoa in its preparation.
Ingredients for this chocolate include milk, sugar, butter, cream and walnut kernels.

Rasteh Chocolate
Qorabieh Sweets

Qorabieh is another delicious Ardabil sweet that uses almonds, sugar and egg whites.
Pistachios and almonds are used to decorate this delicious sweet.
Qarabieh has many fans due to its crisp and delicious texture.
This sweet is also one of the popular sweets of the Turkish people.

Qorabieh Sweets
Qand Chorayi

Qand Chorayi is one of the most delicious and famous souvenirs of Ardabil province.
Due to the use of powdered sugar in the recipe of this local sweet, it is called sugar bread.

Qand Chorayi

Fatir is another traditional bread of Ardabil, in the preparation of it sourdough powder, water and sugar are used.
Walnuts, cinnamon and sugar are also used in this bread.


Souvenirs OF Ardebil



Most of handicrafts of the Ardabil are produced by nomads and villagers.
In the villages of this city, many industries such as carpet weaving, Gilim weaving and jajim weaving are flourishing.Gilim is a kind of two-faced rug.Gilim weaving is one of the most important and flourishing handicrafts of Ardabil and Ardabil carpets are in the category of expensive handicrafts.
One of the handicrafts of Ardabil province is Gilim weaving.
The oldest surviving example of Iranian Gilim is that one has survived from the Parthian era.
In painting the Gilims, we clearly see the influence of environmental and cultural factors.
Ardabil nomads use Gilims as bags, sacks, screw beds, and decorative items.

 Souvenirs OF Ardebil

Jajim weaving

Jajim waving is another handicraft of Ardabil that is woven by the nomads of this province.
Usually lozenge designs and many colors are used in Jajim weaving. In the past, they used this hand-woven fabric to wrap the bed and the so-called “Jaa”, It is called the “Jay Jam” which is called jajim for ease of pronunciation.

Souvenirs OF Ardebil
Painting on leather

One of the traditional and beautiful handicrafts of Ardabil province is Painting on leather.
And it has many uses
For paint on leather, cream-colored tanned sheepskin is usually used.

Souvenirs OF Ardebil

One of the Thriving handicrafts of Ardabil, which is the job of many Ardabilis, is coppersmithing.

 Souvenirs OF Ardebil

Glass blowing

Glass blowing is a traditional art that is common in Ardabil. Specialists in this art use traditional designs to lathe glass.

Souvenirs OF Ardebil

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