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Gilarloo Lake

Hidden Highway Gilarulo ,Which provides Germi ‘s water Gilarloo lake Germi situated 100 km away from Ardebil. Lake Gilarloo is one of the attractive attractions of Germi city. Gilarloo village located in the central part of the western Ajaraud. The name of the village is

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Aq Dagh, colorful spring

Aq Dagh, Colorful spring of Khalkhal Ardabil province has many beautiful and tourist attractions. One of these tourist attractions is Aq Dagh in Khalkhal city It is known as the paradise with thousand colors. Agh Dagh is located at an altitude of 3300 meters above sea level

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(Dolmans) ancient graves

Dolmans Dolmans are antiquity remains and used for Burial of the dead. ancient graves named Dolman and are from the Bronze age. Dolmans were graves that made of large boulders. Dolman was designed with flat slote as a roof on a perpendicular stone without the use of mortar .

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Souvenirs OF Ardebil

Introducing Souvenirs OF Ardebil Most of Ardebil souvenirs are delicious Edible. One of these edibles is honey. The most delicious edibles of Ardabil: Honey of Sabalan Ardabil province and Sabalan region are the most important regions for honey production and distribution

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Fandoqloo forest

Fandoqloo Forest

Fandoqloo forest Fandoqloo forest is located in Ardebil highlands and the western most part of the Hyrcanian forests near the Heiran valley and in the southern part of Namin city. This forest named Fndoqloo(Fandoqloo in Persian means hazelnut) because most of the area of this

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